Workshop 6

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Workshop: Producing and Managing FAIR research data in the Humanities. An attempt using Geovistory & OntoME.


Mittwoch, 08.09.2021, 16:00 – 17:30 Uhr

David Knecht

KleioLab GmbH

Francesco Beretta

LARHRA–CNRS/Université de Lyon/ENS de Lyon


While most members of the Digital Humanities community will be aware of the importance of proper data modelling and compliance with the FAIR principles, we observe that practice lags behind ideals. There is no reason why it should be like this: the task of aligning complex Humanities data with shared ontologies and vocabularies is not as tedious and difficult as scholars might think and brings multiple benefits. Concrete tools, such as Geovistory and OntoME are available to support researchers in this process.

Geovistory is an innovative digital tool that allows researchers and heritage professionals to manage their data in an-easy-to-use environment and make it accessible to both the research community and the wider public via graphical interfaces and as rdf-triples. In order to produce open and reusable data according to the FAIR principles, the data in Geovistory are modelled according to the CIDOC-CRM standard (and domain specific extensions). This digital research process is integrated with the “Ontology Management Environment” OntoME.

This workshop will share a concrete experience of how this workflow has been applied to textual source material and various sets of structured. The presentation will be followed by a discussion with the participants.